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I have never been a real TV-type but it is nice to have one at home. Yesterday, I was a little bit tired and just needed to relax on my couch in front of the TV. I turned the TV on and there it was, the McDonald’s Dutch Deluxe ad. It was funny, brilliantly and somehow appropriately made!

To be very honest, there are some Dutchmen who are very stingy (one is even worst than the other!). This ad reminds me of one guy I used to date a few years ago. He always insisted to split dinner bill if and when we went out (and I am not only talking about our first date!).

It’s very unromantic, indeed! Fortunately, he’s the only Dutchman I have ever dated who’s very stingy when it comes to picking up dinner bills. The ad says,”as Dutch as it gets” and it is indeed very appropriate for him!

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