Photos: In short, I am not an Apple’s fangirl. Really, I am not

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Opening App Store Amsterdam

Listen, I am definitely not an Apple’s fangirl. Not at all because I am far too rational and not easily prone to that kind of drama. Yeah, just call it whatever you want :-). I was, however, super curious to know how it’ld feel like to be right on the spot at the opening of Amsterdam’s new Apple Store. Do you see the difference?

It is different, isn’t it? 🙂

Opening App Store Amsterdam

So, I repeat, I am not an Apple’s fangirl!

I am not an Apple’s fangirl but last Saturday, I was already at the Tilburg’s trein station at 07.00 o’clock in the morning to travel to Amsterdam. Then, I suddently found myself standing in a very long line just a few blocks away from the Apple Store and indeed among the true Apple’s fanboys/fangirls. And, do you know what? I really liked it!

Haha … I am (just maybe) an Apple’s fangirl after all? Who cares?

Opening Apple Store AmsterdamThe T-shirt

Opening Apple Store Amsterdam

Opening Apple Store Amsterdam

Opening Apple Store Amsterdam

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