Ready or not: when will a woman be ready to wear her bikinis?

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It was the mean subject of my conversation with a girlfriend last saturday. She said that she was not ready to wear her bikinis or swimsuits. My question was (and still is): when will a woman be ready to wear her bikinis?

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“Consider this, not every woman has a bikini-ready-body as you have,” she said. Well, as a woman who has always had some problems gaining some weight, I agreed with her at some point. But do (some) women need to be slim (or even skinny) to consider themselves “ready” to wear bikinis?

I don’t think so. I truly believe that it’s all about the question whether a woman is confident enough to wear bikinis. A skinny woman with zero confidence won’t look good on her bikinis or on any other clothes for that matter.

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While, let say, a plus size woman with full of self-confidence would absoluty look great on her bikinis or swimsuits. Of course, some words like “wear them appropriately” must seriously be taken into consideration as well:-)

But let me tell you that there is nothing sexier than a woman who is very confident with her body, with or without wearing her bikinis. I am very sure that you’ll agree with me on that, ladies?!?

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