Why? Well, because my Russian ain’t that great!

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I was glad to see a former colleague of mine yesterday. She is very sweet and kind. She reminds me of my sister whom I haven’t seen for so long. A few days ago, I sent her an e-mail with some URL’s that I have been working on for the last two months.

I looked forward to hearing her opinions about them. Not because she’s a expert in web/blog designing but simply because I respect her inputs.

Colleague: “Girl, thanks for your e-mail and how have you been?”

Me: “I have been very very busy but I am fine, thanks. How are you?”

Colleague: “I am doing well, although my husband has been ill for almost two days now”

Me: “Ow, is he okay? What’s wrong with him?”

Colleague: “Well, nothing serious, he is having pain in his ankle”

Me: “Can he walk?”

Colleague: “Yes, he can but it hurts a little bit”

Me: “I can imagine that”

Colleague: “Your websites look great, by the way!”

Me: “Thanks, I’ve done my best”

Colleague: “I also visited your forums and they look fine too”

Me: “Really? Thanks …. That’s why I have been very busy, you see?”

Colleague: “I understand but why do you write in English on almost all of your websites?”

Me: “Why? Well, because my Russian ain’t that great!”

Colleague: “You with your confusing joke!”

Tip: First Russian Reader for beginners bilingual for speakers of English (Russian practice for speakers of English)

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