Video: Feel some unpleasant movements on the Bamboo Bridge in Cijulang, Pangandaran

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This is the Bamboo Bridge, also known as Sasak Gantung (translation → sasak = bridge, gantung = hanging), in Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia. It’s a very challenging bamboo bridge to walk or run across, especially if you don’t like to feel some unpleasant movements. There are two ways to across this Bamboo Bridge safely:

  1. You walk as you usually do and feel every unpleasant movements or other weird motions for that matter.
  2. Open your eyes wide open and run as fast as you can, so you can barely feel the movements.

I am a notorious wimp and I don’t mind crossing a bridge but I definitely don’t like to be exposed to those kind of unpleasant movements. So, when I was there on vacation with my travel mates: I ran and kept on running full speed ahead until the end of the Bamboo Bridge leaving them behind fully entertained. Yeah, they’re all laughing about it and I didn’t even care 🙂 Whatever!

Info: Pass toll rate for this Bamboo Bridge: Rp.1000,00 = $0,10 = €0,08. The locals use the money to rebuild the brigde every 6 months.

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