How to charge your Kindle Paperwhite using USB compatible power adaptors lower than 5.1V

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Earlier I wrote about How to charge your Kindle Paperwhite without computer and without blowing it up. Now, I’ld like to show you how it actually works (see the video above). Please bear with me for I am not an expert in shooting or editing videos.

In this video, I am showing you how to charge the Kindle Paperwhite using these following USB compatible power adaptors with power output lower than 5.1V:

Due to the fact that the Duracell 5 Hour Mobile Phone and MP3 Portable USB Charger (UK & Europe) is a charger by itself so you can use it to charge your Kindle Paperwhite with and without plugging it to a power socket. I use this Duracell Portable USB Charger to charge my iPad, iPhone and Kindle Paperwhite with. One single charger for three devices, it is very ideal for traveling.

In conclusion, it is absolutely safe to charge the Kindle Paperwhite using the above mentioned power adaptors. There has been no smoke, nothing has been blown up and the Kindle Paperwhite works just fine.

As I wrote earlier on the blog post, there are other power adaptors that also have power output of 5.25V or lower that you can charge the Kindle Paperwhite with. Always remember to check its power output value first before plugging it into your Kindle Paperwhite.

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