Photos: Take some photos of whatever it is that improves your winter mood

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It happens to all of us sometimes: Your mood is as gray as the winter weather. It is true. In fact, weather is widely believed to influence people’s mood, especially in the winter time.

I am not a psychologist so I am, therefore, not going to tell you some theoretic solutions for it. Just do what I do: Go outside, breathe some fresh air, do window shopping and take some photos of whatever it is that improves your winter mood.

Muscle Gainer

Muscle and size gainer? Seriously? I cannot help wondering how many bottle would one need to gain all of that muscles and sizes 🙂


Chocolate. Yeah, it is one of women’s true best friends, besides diamond and ruby of course 🙂

Brush for washing dishes

Someone is going to use one of these funny dish brushes and I am sure that it ain’t gonna me 🙂

Angry Birds

This dude looks so very angry for an angry bird. “He” looks so very angry that he’s becoming so very cute 🙂

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