Photos: Create your own wish list and share it with friends and family

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Hats and Caps

O no, I am not going incognito with this hats collection. These goodies are actually listed on some of my friends’ wish lists. Obviously, hats and caps can keep you (at least your head) very warm and comfy in the winter. So, let’s we see the next item on those wish lists:

Hair Accessories

I am not very sure whether they are hair accessories or some silk flower brooch but I know that you can pin it on to a hat as well. See it as an accessory for your other accessoires, got it? 🙂

Christmas Ornaments

A cute penguin as part of your Christmas ornaments? Well, I think it’ll do just fine among other ornaments.

Knit boots

I don’t mind wearing a pair of warmy knit boots: Just a reminder though, they are indoor boots 🙂

Owl Necklace at Amazon US

What’s the deal with the Owl necklace? Well, apparently, the owl is sacred to Athena, the Greek goddess of learning. It is also depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth. Amen to the owl. So, I have a home work for you, create your own wish list and share it with friends and family.

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