Interesting things I came across when I was surfing the web: Something green and blue

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Interesting things I came across when I was surfing the web: Something green and blue

– Never knew that the sky could be this green, blue and magical. Check this blog post to see more of the magical green and blue.

– Great green news from WWF: We could get all the energy we need from renewable sources by 2050.

– Beautiful sea green: to pair with your neutral or white accessories. Check the Sea Green Edit on Amazon UK.

– My today’s quote from The Others:

Charles: I just came home to say goodbye to my wife and children.
Grace: Where are you going?

Charles: To the front.
Grace: I thought the war was over.

Charles: The war is not over.
Grace: You’re not going. You left us once already. YOU CAN’T GO. Why did you go and fight that stupid war that had NOTHING TO DO WITH US. Why didn’t you stay like the others did?

Charles: The others surrendered.
Grace: We are all surrendered what did you expect? What were you trying to prove by going to war? Your place was here with your family. I loved you, but that wasn’t enough was it? You want to leave not because of the war, you want to leave me, remember when you told me “I know a place where no one can bother our children when they are playing”

– Get ready for Geen & Blue Swimwear on Zalando: Swimsuits, bikini’s, bathrobes and beach accessories.

– Obviously, zippers can be very awesome too: 5 Ways to Turn Zippers into Awesome Arm Candy.

– Wanna watch TEDxWWF?

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– For the clumsiest among us: Your smartphones definitely need some green and blue protections: Green & blue cases and covers.

– In case your loved ones are graduating: Look for some ideas to celebrate Class of 2013.

– Keep it healthy and green or watch what 2000 calories looks like by BuzzFeed:

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