How to make vegan avocado-lime ice cream without an ice cream maker

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I was ABSOLUTELY ecstatic when I came across this avocado-lime ice cream’s recipe. Not only does this recipe call for my all time favorite superfoods – avocados and limes, but also does not require any ice cream maker. I was, however not so ecstatic about … Read More

How to make Manzanilla Olive Tapenade with fresh parsley

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There is nothing cozier and tastier than catching up, watching Netflix or Prime Instant Video or even Hulu, and enjoying some homemade snacks together with my close friends on Thursday evenings. Tonight is my turn to host our monthly Ladies Night. Great! Not only, … Read More

Health benefits and how to make homemade almond milk

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If you are vegan, regular cow’s milk and/or lactose intolerant, then you should consider drinking almond milk instead. You should also consider buying a decent soy milk maker, called Soyabella Soymilk Maker. This soymilk maker enables you to easily make some fresh non-diary milk, such … Read More

How to make easy, healthy and nutritious Avocado-Banana smoothies for breakfast

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Today is just another grey monday morning. Thanks God that my mood has not been affected by the so called monday-morning moods at all. Perhaps, it’s my usual happy morning or perhaps, it’s because the delicious smoothie’s breakfast that I fixed myself this early … Read More

Crio Bru Cocoa: Hot beverages to improve your monday-morning mood

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There is something about monday mornings that make me neither friendly nor fun. I am a friendly and fun person (most of the time anyway). I am definitely not a demanding person (seriously, I am not). Just give me a few cups of green … Read More

How to make the yummiest avocado smoothie with palm sugar and soy milk

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There are tons of benefits why avocado is considered as a superfood. Avocado is widely known for its monounsaturated fat that will reduce your LDL cholesterol, to start with. Avocado contains both insoluble and soluble fiber, which helps reduce your chance of getting colorectal … Read More

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