Gift Guide for Her: Gifts that keep putting her in the right mood

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Gift Guide for Her: Gifts that keep putting her in the right mood

Honestly, I was a little bit overwelmed when I was looking around and putting together some gifts for this Gift Guide for Her. Should I list another handbag? Or perhaps, another pair of high heels? Or maybe, another dress? I mean, don’t give me wrong, being a woman myself, I know that women love those stuff and a lot more of those stuff. The more is simply the better.

However, I really wanted something more personal, sensual, sexy, delicate and intimate. And I knew that handbags, high heels or dresses just wouldn’t do it. Not this holiday season anyway.

Then, I remember a beauty package that I received from Sabon. The scent of Aroma Soft Whispers is as soft as a lover’s softest whispers. And the Eau de Toilette PLV28 that comes along with it, is surprisingly irresistible. So, irresistible that I can’t help myself wearing it every day. Why? Simply because it keeps putting me in the right mood.

Gift Guide for Her: SABON Eau de Toilette PLV28

1. SABON Eau de Toilette PLV28 (PLV = Patchouli Lavender Vanilla) is an irresistible and sensual Eau de Toilette with the famous patchouli-lavender-vanilla scent, as well as bergamot and sandalwood. The Eau de Toilette is absolutely capable to put any woman in the right mood. Try also SABON Eau de Toilette, Oneg (Patchouli Vanilla)>SABON Eau de Toilette, Oneg (Patchouli Vanilla).


Gift Guide for Her: SABON A-E face mask

2. SABON A-E Face Mask brings your skin back in balance. The mask restores and soothes the skin from the inside out. Dry spots are fatter and oily spots become drier. As a result, the entire skin surface gets the same amount of moisture. Try also SABON Mud MaskSABON Mud Mask.


Gift Guide for Her: SABON Aroma Soft Whispers

3. SABON Aroma Soft Whispers is diffuser to freshen up your room and bedroom. The delicious Musk scent stays very long. One bottle of this SABON Aroma Soft Whispers lasts a long time. Try also SABON Aroma Reed Diffuser, ProvenceSABON Aroma Reed Diffuser, Provence.


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