Interrailing: 12 mesmerizing European countries in 24 preview photos

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InterRail Europe

Interrailing across 12 european countries, 22 cities within 3 weeks was indeed very demanding but it was also absolutely amazing. I couldn’t help myself being entirely mesmerized by the authenticity of each and every city that I explored.

In particular, the marvelous Lisbon, the beautiful Sintra and the vibrant Thessaloniki enchanted me mercilessly and left me with mixed feelings of freedom, challange and home.

More about tips, reviews, photos, videos and insight stories about my entire interrailing are in progress. So, please be patient. For now, check the mosaic gallery below and enjoy the 24 preview photos of these 12 mesmerizing european countries.

Please note: If you don’t have high-speed internet, wait until the mosaic gallery is complete. Once it is complete, click on any photo to enlarge and click on any white space to come back to this blog post. Enjoy!

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