Smoked Salmon with Clementines
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It has been a quite long day and I am glad to be home. Now I need to figure out … >>>

The Fir Tree (2/3)
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It’s snowing outside so, let’s stay at home and continue reading The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson: (start 2/3) … >>>

Lost In Heaven: The Fir Tree (1/3)
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There is something very extraordinary about Hans Christian Anderson’s fairly tales. Reading his tales always brings me straight back to … >>>

Purring, Trilling, Hissing …
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Okay, they say that cats are skilled predators. It has been known that they can hunt over 1,000 species for … >>>

They Killed My Mother
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A friend of mine always says, “You are too young to listen to opera music” she says that because firstly … >>>

Who is He to whom weshall offer our sacrifice?
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One of my favorite poems is the opening quotation of the second novel of Steinback, To A God Unknown that’s … >>>

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Essential tips to get through the cold months warm and well
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I am glad that I have already caught a cold at the beginning of autumn because with a little bit … >>>

Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit: The natural solution for dry and cracked skin
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I have always entrusted Holland & Barret’s Perfectly Pure Virgin Coconut Oil to keep my skin smooth and moisturized. However, … >>>

How to turn an old fish tank into an indoor herb garden
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There is absolutely no denying that the summertime is almost over. In fact, according to the latest local weather forecast, … >>>

How to make vegan avocado-lime ice cream without an ice cream maker
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I was ABSOLUTELY ecstatic when I came across this avocado-lime ice cream’s recipe. Not only does this recipe call for my … >>>

How to make a natural detox drink using Apple Cider Vinegar
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I am not exactly a big eater but my life can be very hectic, which forces me to eat some … >>>

A female guide to eco-friendly shaving: How to shave with a double edge safety razor
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I have been using the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor for only two … >>>

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