Essential tips to get through the cold months warm and well
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I am glad that I have already caught a cold at the beginning of autumn because with a little bit … >>>

Fall Essentials: The must-haves to protect your body from head to toe
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There is no doubt that november is the coziest month of the year. Just image yourself being at home with … >>>

Photos: Create your own wish list and share it with friends and family
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O no, I am not going incognito with this hats collection. These goodies are actually listed on some of my … >>>

Heat your body up with these warm clothing and accessories
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I know it’s always summer somewhere around the globe. Somewhere, where you can actually wear your summer dresses with flip … >>>

Must-Wear boots that are stylish, comfy and made for walking
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When I was younger I truly believed that one had to suffer to be beautiful. I even included some (too) … >>>

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