Essential tips to get through the cold months warm and well
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I am glad that I have already caught a cold at the beginning of autumn because with a little bit … >>>

Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit: The natural solution for dry and cracked skin
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I have always entrusted Holland & Barret’s Perfectly Pure Virgin Coconut Oil to keep my skin smooth and moisturized. However, … >>>

How to turn broken and melted lipsticks into moisturizing lip balm
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Every woman (and girl) should allow herself to have and enjoy her own guilty pleasures, especially even when it comes to … >>>

Fall Fashion Essentials: Getting the comfort of Autumn
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Even though I hate to admit it but the summertime is (almost) over. In fact, where I live, it has … >>>

Friday Favorites: Something green, lime, silver and flat
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Yay! The springtime has finally arrived. I have been enjoying the long-awaited spring since yesterday. The temperature isn’t there yet … >>>

Beauty Essentials: 10 organic and natural lip balms for smooth silky kissable lips
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Have you kissed someone or have you been kissed by someone lately? Just a reminder though that your lips need … >>>

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