Essential tips to get through the cold months warm and well
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I am glad that I have already caught a cold at the beginning of autumn because with a little bit … >>>

A Step by Step Guide for Newbies: How to wear washable menstrual pads
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You have finally decided to switch – or try out – washable menstrual pads. Now, you are probably wondering how … >>>

Benefits you should know about washable feminine hygiene products
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The paperless lifestyle that I have been adopting for the past few months, has also introduced me to eco-friendly washable … >>>

How to make banana and brown sugar body scrub
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If you love natural and organic body scrubs as much as I do, then the banana and brown sugar body … >>>

Beauty Essentials: 10 organic and natural lip balms for smooth silky kissable lips
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Have you kissed someone or have you been kissed by someone lately? Just a reminder though that your lips need … >>>

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