Essential tips to get through the cold months warm and well

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I am glad that I have already caught a cold at the beginning of autumn because with a little bit of luck, I am theoretically immune to cold viruses until the end of the year. But again, winter is coming and we never know … Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Green gifts for eco-friendly moms

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  I would like to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and mums out there. It is a very great and joyful day to celebrate Mother’s Day 2015 and naturally to thank our moms for their unconditional love and everlasting affection.   As … Read More

A Step by Step Guide for Newbies: How to wear washable menstrual pads

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You have finally decided to switch – or try out – washable menstrual pads. Now, you are probably wondering how to wear them correctly. Believe me, you are not alone and it is absolutely fine to make some “newbie’s mistakes”. In fact, a girlfriend … Read More

Benefits you should know about washable feminine hygiene products

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The paperless lifestyle that I have been adopting for the past few months, has also introduced me to eco-friendly washable feminine hygiene products such as mentrual pads, panty liners, cotton pads and related products. I am glad that it has because the only regret … Read More

How to make banana and brown sugar body scrub

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If you love natural and organic body scrubs as much as I do, then the banana and brown sugar body scrub is really for you. This body scrub is one of my favorites and for a very good reason. Its vitamins and minerals help … Read More

Beauty Essentials: 10 organic and natural lip balms for smooth silky kissable lips

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Have you kissed someone or have you been kissed by someone lately? Just a reminder though that your lips need a daily conditioning treatment otherwise they would be dry, chapped and un-kissable. Drinking plenty of water and using lip balm help keep your lips … Read More

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