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How to make vegan avocado-lime ice cream without an ice cream maker
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I was ABSOLUTELY ecstatic when I came across this avocado-lime ice cream’s recipe. Not only does this recipe call for my all time favorite superfoods – avocados and limes, but also does not require any ice cream maker. I was, however … [Continue reading …]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Cool gifts for coolest dads
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We all love our moms and dads. And let me remind you that Father’s Day 2015 – in most countries, is on Sunday, June 21. Therefore, I would like to congratulate all dads around the world with their Father’s Day in … [Continue reading …]

How to make a natural detox drink using Apple Cider Vinegar
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I am not exactly a big eater but my life can be very hectic, which forces me to eat some “grab-and-go” food from time to time. Fortunately, I don’t gain weight so easily but I do often feel bloated after … [Continue reading …]

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