How to learn and master German on your own

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Well, I am pretty sure that you have heard the term, “Use it or lose it.” This is particularly true when it comes to learning and mastering a new language. I was born into a multilingual and multicultural background, and I have always been … Read More

Kunsthal: When fashion and freedom come together

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It has been a very long while since I visited Rotterdam. So, I was quite eager to pay a visit to the Kunsthal museum with some friends last sunday. The last sunday, we also considered ourselves very blessed with a friendly spring temperature. As … Read More

7 Small items that you don’t pack but you actually should

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When it comes to traveling light, packing smart has always been the right keyword to follow. Take a small luggage and pack only the most essential travel items that you’ll need during your trip. However, no matter how smart you pack, there are always … Read More

Interrailing from Tilburg to Bordeaux: A dark, long and handsome station manager

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Let me start this blog post with a very lame excuse, “Things have been so crazy busy and hectic.” The truth is that things have really been so crazy busy and hectic so I haven’t managed to post my entire interrailing adventures last summer. … Read More

Mesmerizing the vibrant Thessaloniki: The best place to watch the sunset

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It is commonly known that those who enjoy traveling are subject to so called post-vacation blues. I have fortunately been too busy catching up on everything to feel the blues. However, I suddenly felt some of the blues last night. And the worst part … Read More

How to stay vegetarian or vegan while Eurorailing and Interrailing

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Following a vegetarian or vegan diet (or any other special diet) can pose its necessary challenges. But in your own country, you know exactly where to get all the food that you can eat and of course you have had your own kitchen to … Read More

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