KINDEN Mixing Bowl Stainless Steel -12mm Composite Bottom Nesting Bowls with Handle and Lids for Pressure Cooker, Food Preparation, Fruit, Salad, Camping, Storage, Durable 3 Piece Set features:

  • The Mixing Bowls with Non-magnetic stainless steel, thick material, 12mm composite bottom (three layers: stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel), 5mm wall. Using polishing technology, bright and easy to clean, the pot side flanging treatment is anti-soup juice drip design, the mirror-polished design inside and outside makes the overall pan more noble and elegant and can be suitable for cabinets of various kitchens and restaurants.
  • The handle of the nested bowls is fixed with rivets so that the handle of the pan is firmly fixed and will not come loose under normal use conditions. sunken steel cover design makes the lid and pot edge close fit, to achieve a better sealing effect.
  • The volume of the mixing bowls with lid are: 1.5, 2.9, 4.2QT, weight is 0.8, 1.1, 1.5pounds. It can be used to kneading the dough, whisking eggs, as a container, making the salad, washing fruit or vegetable, oil reservation, place candy, as cooking soup pots, camping pots, steam in the pressure cooker etc. compatible with gas stove, electric ceramic, induction cooker, radiant cooker.