Have, feel and share the love: Wishing you all Happy Valentine’s Day

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Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day

Let me repeat the question, “What is love”? Despite my love for writing and blogging, I am speechless write-less when it comes to defining what love actually is. Not because I don’t know what love it (I certainly feel it) but because there are so many definitions of love. For the love of love itself, I’ll let it blank as it is, so you might want to define and fill it out yourself what love is.

I would, however, thank you for your time, visiting, reading and commenting on this blog. That is also love, I have absolutely no doubt about it. Therefore, I love you each and everyday, especially today. Have, feel and share the love, and I wish you all, Happy Valentine’s Day! …

Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day

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