How to get through the cold months warm and well

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How to get through the cold months warm and well

I am glad that I have already caught a cold at the beginning of autumn because with a little bit of luck, I am theoretically immune to cold viruses until the end of the year. But again, winter is coming and we never know what it might bring all of us this year.

And of course, when it comes to your very own health and wellbeing, it is not wise to take unnecessary risks and always better be safe than sorry. So, I have compiled the following essential tips on how to get through the cold months warm and well:


How to get through the cold months warm and well

1. Keep yourself hydrated

It is a fact of life that keeping yourself hydrated with enough liquids will also keep you alive, healthy and well. Whether it be tap water, bottled water, infused water, watery fruits, (green) tea or other beverages are necessary to keep maintain the balance of your body fluids.

My favorite cold-month-beverages are some homemade infused water, gunpowder green teaDavidson's Tea Bulk, Gunpowder Green, 1-Pound Bag, and organic green tea mixed with dried goji berries Organic GOJI BERRIES From Morning Pep Large 2 LB Raw Sun dried 100% Natural USDA Certified Organic by NFC, NON GMO (32 OZ) Nice Resealable Stand Up Pouch Bag (packaging may vary)(see image above). Always choose your beverages that meet your individual tastes and needs, especially if you are following a special diet.


How to get through the cold months warm and well

2. Keep your tummy warm on the go

In some cultures, it is believed that a cold stomach can make you sick. Whether you believe it or not, it is not exactly the point. The point is that when you are on the go, you would prefer to keep your tummy warm during the cold months.

Of course, there are Starbucks in every street corner and not to mention, coffee vending machines at your office. But, nothing beats some homemade, fresh coffee that you can carry wherever you go. I love to have my hot green tea with me using my Emsa Insulated Travel Mug Grande, 0.5 liter (16 ounces)Emsa 515617 Isolierbecher Travel Mug Grande Manschette, rot, 0,50 L, 4 stunden heiß, 8 stunden kalt, spülmaschinenfest, 360 Grad Trinköffnung, 100 % dicht (available in 5 colors).

Bonus tips: Click here to order the smaller Emsa Insulated Travel Mug, 0.36 liter (12 ounces) at Amazon DE (Germany)EMSA 513356 Isolierbecher TRAVEL MUG Manschette, rot, 0,36 Liter (4 Std. heiß, 8 Std. kalt, spülmaschinenfest, 360° Trinköffnung, 100 % dicht). They are available in 15 colors and can be shipped worldwide.


How to get through the cold months warm and well

3. Keep your skin moisturized

If you can afford the most expensive moisturizers out there, go ahead and use them to protect your skin against wind and cold weather. I, myself prefer using some moisturizers that contain 100% natural ingredients, or at the very least fewer chemicals, affordable and versatile.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I never leave the house without moisturizing my skin with Holland & Barret Perfectly Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. It is a 100% natural raw virgin coconut oil packed with essential fatty acids. In addition, you can use it for your hair, cooking and smoothing your pet’s coat.

Bonus tips: Click here to order Holland & Barrett’s Perfectly Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. And click here to order one from outside the EU using Borderlinx.


How to get through the cold months warm and well

4. Get your whole body winter-ready

Winter can be very cruel to your face and painfully unmerciful to your lips, ears, fingers, and toes particularly. Yet again, if you, like I do, prefer to use another 100% natural solution to get your whole body, from head to toes, absolutely winter-ready, this Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit is your next best friend this upcoming winter.

I have been using the kit since the end of spring to smoothen my cracked skin due to my move. I intend to continue using Burt’s Bees products not only because they are 100 % natural but also work very well together with the rest of my personal care and beauty products.

Bonus tips: Click here to order Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit from Amazon US, Amazon UKBurt's Bees Tips and Toes Kit (Amazon UK) or Amazon DEBurt's Bees Pflegeset für Hände und Füße (Amazon DE).


How to get through the cold months warm and well

5. Get ready for your sweaters

Let your floral, tiny, see-through summer clothes along with matching sandals and flip flops where they belong, at the back of your closet, and get your warm, soft, cozy sweaters right in front of you. Your body is longing for them these cold months.

To be very frank, sweaters are not my favorite clothes because they are usually shapeless, unflattering, and shrink or stretch in the wash. However, like yours, my body is also longing for sweaters. I really like this SheIn’s Khaki Crisscross Back Sweater (also available in Green and Black) due to its crisscross back, color and long sleeves.

Bonus tips: Click here to take a look at another colorful, warm, soft, cozy sweaters at SheIn’s Sweaters.


How to get through the cold months warm and well

6. Get ready for winter footwear

They look amazing on you, especially when you are sitting down but let’s forget about your low-back-hurting high heels for the next few months and get ready for some pairs of stylish winter footwear with outstanding traction.

I got my Mustang’s red ankle boots last year and I have been very happy with them ever since. They are trendy, eye-catching, timeless and most importantly, they don’t give me low back pain. You can order the newest pair of these Mustang red ankle boots at Amazon GermanyMustang Schnür-Stiefelette, Damen Halbschaft Stiefel, Rot (5 rot), 40 EU. They are also available in Navy BlueMustang Schnür-Stiefelette, Damen Halbschaft Stiefel, Blau (820 navy), 40 EU and Dark GreyMustang Schnür-Stiefelette, Damen Halbschaft Stiefel, Grau (20 dunkelgrau), 40 EU and can be shipped worldwide.

Bonus tips: Click here to take a look at other Mustang’s boots and ankle boots at Amazon DE (Germany). They are definitely must-haves boots to get through the cold months.

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