How to start and manage newspaper, magazine or blog subscriptions on Kindle Paperwhite

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Kindle Paperwhite, 6

Reading ebooks on your Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite, 6 is fun, educative, relaxing and highly addictive. Perhaps, it’s the main reason why you want more than reading ebooks on your Kindle. Fortunately, there are a lot of newspaperKindle Newspapers (Amazon US), magazineKindle Magazines (Amazon US) and blog’sBlogs on Kindle (Amazon US) subscriptions that you can purchase on the Kindle NewsstandKindle Newsstand (Amazon US).

Before starting and managing the newspaper, magazine or blog subscriptions on your Kindle Paperwhite, keep in mind that there are items available for subscription:

  • Magazines and newspapers in text view: you can navigate articles easily with the same reading experience as Kindle ebooks.
  • Enriched newspaper editions: articles that include all images provided by the publisher. These images can be downloaded via Wifi.
  • Special access for some Kindle newspaper subscribers: when you’re subscribed to the Kindle edition of The New York Times and/or The Wall Street Journal, your subscription also grants you additional access to these publications.
  • Blogs: just like ebooks, blogs are displayed as one entry. Sync your device to download the blog’s feed so you can read blogs offline. Note: blogs are available for Amazon US and UK customers.


How to start your subscriptions

It is very easy to start a subscription to a newspaper, magazine or blog on your Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite, 6 through the Kindle Store:


How to start and manage newspaper, magazine or blog subscriptions on Kindle Paperwhite

1. From the Home toolbar, tap the cart icon to select Kindle Store (see image above):

2. Select and tap on Newspapers or Magazines on the Amazon Kindle Store to locate subscription content for purchase (see image below):


Kindle Newsstand (Amazon US)

Note: If you purchase a subscription content using your computer on Amazon, choose your Kindle Paperwhite as the device to send the content to.


3. Let’s say that you want to purchase a subscription to the National Geographic Magazine. Tap on it and you can see on the magazines details that this subscription starts with the first 30 days free (30-day Free Trial). In addition, you can also purchase the National Geographic Magazine per issue (Buy Current Issue).


How to start and manage newspaper, magazine or blog subscriptions on Kindle Paperwhite

Note: your Kindle magazine is auto-delivered wirelessly when the physical issue hits the newsstand.


How to manage your subscriptions

To manage your newspaper, magazines and/or blog’s subscriptions, go to and choose Subscription Settings under Your Account. You can apply this method to manage the following: 

  • Click on Edit (see arrow 1) to manage your subscription payment methods
  • Click on Edit (see arrow 2) to send issues to your Kindle Paperwhite or your other devices
  • Click on Actions (see arrow 3) to cancel your subscriptions or to choose your privacy preferences for newspaper and magazine subscriptions.




At this point your subscriptions are set and you are ready to read your newspapers, magazines and/or blogs on your Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite, 6. Read also my post How to read newspapers, magazines and blogs on your Kindle Paperwhite.

To enjoy free trial issue that are offered on the Amazon Kindle Newstand (Amazon US), click on Kindle MagazinesKindle Newspapers or Blogs on Kindle.

Are you an Amazon UK customer? Click here for Kindle Newsstand (Amazon UK), including Kindle Magazines, Kindle Newspapers and Kindle Blogs & News Feeds.

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