How to watch “Great Bear Stakeout” and other UK TV programs on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world

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Great Bear Stakeout, BBC One by Tom Hooker

Image by Tom Hooker (BBC)

If you love watching nature documentaries as mush as I do, then you really should watch Great Bear Stakeout. It is a new BBC documentary following grizzly bears in Alaska and narrated by Billy Connolly.

This nature documentary focuses on Parsnip, the young and inexperienced grizzly mom with her two young cubs. Parsnip lives in a dangerous part of the bay where she is continuously challenged to keep her young cubs safe and to find enough food to feed all of them.

One of Parsnip’s dangerous challenges is Van, the undisputed top grizzly bear of the bay. Van is a giant, strong, mean and possibly one of the biggest grizzly bears in Alaska. Val’s love interest, the femme fatal named Alice has slightly fatal traits.

On this documentary, you’ll also meet Solo, the awkward teenage grizzly bear with his mom Lucy, the starving Kali and her three young cubs and the very experienced mother Scrunch and her two cubs, who have a successful day fishing.

As a Discovery Channel/BBC co-production, Great Bear Stakeout will premiere on Sunday, the 12th of May 2013 at 21.00 o’clock ET on Discovary Channel and will be narrated by John Goodman.

However, if you love watching nature documentaries so much, why should you wait until the 12th of May when you can watch this documentary on the BBC iPlayer within a few minutes? You definitely should not wait because this Great Bear Stakeout was already aired on BBC One: Great Bear Stakeout, Episode 1, on Wednesday, the 24th of April and Great Bear Stakeout, Episode 2 on Thursday, the 25th of April.

The obvious challenge for you is the fact that BBC iPlayer TV programs are available to play in the UK only (see image). I am not british and don’t live in the UK. Yet, I have been watching the Great Bear Stakeout for the second times using Hotspot Shield Elite. This great piece of software offers, among its other great features, UK virtual location.

the UK only

So, this is how to watch Great Bear Stakeout and other UK TV programs on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. Using this Hotspot Shield Elite also enables you to watch TV programs from other UK networks like iTV’s and online UK TV services like TVCatchup.

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