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Essential Flaxseed (Organic) - 14 oz - Ground

– Did you know that flaxseed is a good source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids? Try this quick and healthy mixed fruit breakfast recipe.

– They are neither medicine nor rugs. They are animals who need your help and support. You can help WWF Stop Wildlife Crime. Make a difference with a Monthly Donation starting today.

– Get ready for some New Arrivals in Beauty on Amazon UK.

– My today’s quote by Hal Moore, We Were Soldiers:

Hal Moore: So, your men call you “Snakeshit”.
Bruce “Snake” Crandall: That’s an affectionate appelation from my comrades-in-arms, sir, ’cause I fly lower than snake shit.

Moore: Well, I got a problem, Snakeshit, and I think you’re the solution.
Crandall: I’ve been called a lot of things, Colonel. Never a solution.

Moore: You know what “Air Cavalry” really means? You fly into hostile territory, outnumbered, ten thousand miles from home. Sometimes the battleground’s no bigger than a football field. And if the choppers stop coming… we all get slaughtered. Now, I figure chopper pilots won’t fly into hell for strangers, so — I’m Hal Moore.

Moore: They want to fly with you for some reason. I guess it’s ’cause they think you’re the best.
Crandall: That’s ’cause I only recruit the dumb ones, sir.

– Seeing green: Get ready for a lucky St. Patrick’s Day with books, costumes, party supplies and more.

– Why wait for tomorrow if you can get rid of identity thieves, snoopers and eavesdroppers today? Try Hotspot Shield with special offer today.

– Want to know how strong a woman is?

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

– Hear, hear: Spring Savings is definitely in the air at CafePress.

– Local news: Terreurdreiging Nederland opgeschaald naar substantieel (translation → Terror threat Netherlands upscaled to substantially).

– I just can’t get enough of The Last Lion by jatt4life10:

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