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Red grapes

– Yes, grapes. Raisins, when they are dried. Both grapes and raisins are highly toxic to dogs! A fact that I didn’t know before.

– Watch this video and $1 will go to the polar bears

– Today’s Gold Box Deal of the Day

– My today’s quote by Charlie W Shedd:

Love is something that makes two people think they are pretty when nobody else does. It also makes them sit close together on a bench even there’s plenty of room. It’s something which makes two people very quiet when you are around. And when they think you’re gone they talk about roses and dreams. And that’s all I know about love until I grow up!

– Saturday Morning Music: World music in children’s movies

Holiday Gift Guide at CafePress

– A scandal for one is a promo tweet for the other:

The Coat Edit

– Local news: Sinterklaas komt aan in Roermond (translation → Sinterklaas arrives in Roermond)

– Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs: Eat you heart out Cesar 🙂

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