Interesting things I came across when I was surfing the web: Summer sales

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Libelcom attending JOST Excursie & Het Jaar 013

– Just cannot image making summer dresses the old way. Fortunately you can just go ahead and visit the Summer Must-haves.

– Check out this orphan rhino settles into new home and repeat after me, “say no to rhino horn”.

– Don’t miss out on the PANDORA Summer Sale with up to 50% off selected jewellery on Argento.

– My today quote from Django UnchainedDjango Unchained (Two-Disc Combo Pack: Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet):

Calvin Candie: Stephen, when you get through showing them to their rooms, go fetch Hildi. Get her cleaned up and smellin’ real nice and send her over to Dr. Schultz’s room.
Stephen: Actually, Monsieur Candie sir, there’s something I ain’t told you about yet.

Calvin Candie: What?
Stephen: Uh, Hildi ‘in the hot box.

Calvin Candie: Well what’s she doin’ there?
Stephen: What you think she doin’ there, in the hot box? She been punished!

Calvin Candie: Well what did she do?
Stephen: She run off again.

Calvin Candie: Jesus Christ, Stephen! How many people run away while I was gone?
Stephen: Two.

Calvin Candie: Well when did she go?
Stephen: Last night. They brung her back this morning.

Calvin Candie: How long she been in the box?
Stephen: How long you think she been in there? All damn day! And the little bitch got ten more days to be in there.

Calvin Candie: Take her out.
Stephen: Take her out? Why?

Calvin Candie: Because I said so, that’s why! Dr. Schultz is my guest. Hildi is my nigger. Southern hospitality dictates I make her available to him.
Stephen: But Monsieur Candie, she run off.

Calvin Candie: Christ, Stephen! What is the point of having a nigger that speaks German if you can’t wheel ’em out when you have a German guest? Now I realize it is an inconvenience! Still, you take her ass out.
Stephen: Yes sir.
Stephen: Ya’ll done heard the man! Get her ass up outta there! Go! Get her over there and get her cleaned up and bring her back over here to, uh, Doctor …
Stephen: What did you say your name was? Shoots?

Dr. King Schultz: “Schultz.”
Stephen: Schultz.

Up to 50% off women’s clothing, shoes and accessories on Amazon UK.

– Did you know that free WiFi at public hotspots can cost you more than you know? Don’t take that risk and protect yourself with Hotspot Shield.

– Want to know how human echolocation works?:

– Great blog post if you use Gmail like I do: 8 Gmail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Use Email.

– Are you packing for your summer trip? Don’t forget to check How to choose the right luggage for your trips.

– Green fingers: Flower Bed by Simonscat:

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