Manslations: Decoding the Secret Language of Men by Jeff Mac

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Manslations by Mac Jeff

As long as I can remember, the only mystery a man has is the fact that there is no mystery at all. O yeah, for sure, he says a lot of things but so does your neighbour’s cockatoo, doesn’t it? It says makes noises because it simply can, so does a man. The only difference between the two of them is that a man contradicts his own words whenever he feels necessary.

What I am trying to say is: the less you pay attention to his words noises the better because what a man does and doesn’t do say it all. And everything else is either his bull shits or your own excuses (sometimes) to justify his bull shits.

But (yeah, there is always a BUT)

But I could be absolutely wrong. So, when I saw this ebook, called Manslations by Jeff Mac, let me tell you that I was more curious than a curious little monkey. And OMG, I love this ebook because it is so liberating, clarifying and entertaining.

What I love about this ebooks the most is the part where Jeff Mac mentions about The Manslator’s Golden Rule. With this Golden Rule, you will never, ever again be confused by what your man says:

Whenever there is any conflict between what a man says and what he does, always, always ignore what he says.

Okay, now read it again. Yes, I do mean “always.” If you can really understand this much about your man, you’ll probably know even more about him than he does.

So, ladies, stop being confused by what he says. In stead, start paying intention to what he does and he doesn’t do. There are absolutely no mystery, nor mixed messages about a man. The Manslations will liberate, clarify and entertain you from the beginning to the end of reading it.

Bonus tip: Manslations is also available in paperback: Manslations: Decoding the Secret Language of Men (Paperback)

Check and try the sample of Manslations by Jeff Mac:

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