Maybe it’s Maastricht: Yellow rice and mixed vegetable were exceptionally good

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Greenish and delicious

You have no idea how much I love to try local cuisine whenever I go. Last sunday, we went to Maastricht in Limburg, The Netherlands. Visiting the museums was on the very top of the agenda. The second top was, of course, trying the local cuisine.

We had a very delicious lunch at the Museum aan het Vrijhof’s cafe. I couldn’t help myself and order a native piece of pie called Rijstevlaai along with some organic Darjeeling tea. Rijstevlaai is a actually a pie with a rice pudding filling. The pie was very sweet to my taste but it’s very yummy as well. I was glad that my dentist wasn’t around 🙂


Greenish and delicious

Greenish and delicious

After visiting the Bonnefanten Museum, we decided to have an early dinner at a small cafe along the Maas river. Maybe it’s the cold weather or maybe it’s Maastricht but the tomato soup was surprisingly tasty. Even a bowl of yellow rice and mixed vegetable in mildly spiced coconut milk were exceptionally good.


Greenish and delicious

Greenish and delicious

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