MUBI: For those who are looking for more than Netflix, Hulu and Prime

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MUBI: For those who are looking for more than Netflix, Hulu and Prime

Back in june 2011, I joined MUBI and I found its collection a little bit too arthouse-ish, too grand-ish and by far too sophisticated for me. But then, I was younger, unquestionably stupid and a lot less sophisticated. So, I totally ignored the beauty of MUBI and its collection.

A few weeks ago when it was raining outside – which was quite strange, not to mention frustrating, for a summer afternoon, I was looking for something interesting to watch on Netflix. But there was nothing to watch. And then, I started to look for that something interesting on Hulu and Prime Instant Video.


A few minutes later …

There were still nothing whilst there were definitely a lot of things to watch. Then I realized that I was not looking for just another movies and TV shows – I was simply looking for more than ‎Netflix‬, ‪Hulu‬ and ‪Prime‬ Instant Video all together.

‪So, I logged into my MUBI-account and – voilà, not only does MUBI an interesting, one of a kind and extraordinary collection of movies that I was looking for but nowadays, it is also available on multiple (mobile) devices – just like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Instant Video do.


MUBI: For those who are looking for more than Netflix, Hulu and Prime

I remember that I didn’t waste any time and watched three movies on MUBI that afternoon – one of them was Poetry. Poetry (2010) is a 2010 South Korean drama movie written and directed by Lee Chang-dong. In this film Yoon Jeong-hee plays a 60-something woman who has an interest in poetry while struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and her indifferent, irresponsible grandson.

Poetry (2010) is not only very endearing, heartbreaking and – at the end – shocking movie but it has also brought me back to MUBI for good. Yeah, Poetry is definitely one of my favorite movies on MUBI (check out my tweet about Poetry):


For those of us who are unfamiliar with and want to get to know what MUBI is all about, the following are some of must know information about MUBI:


MUBI: For those who are looking for more than Netflix, Hulu and Prime

What is MUBI?

MUBI is a curated online cinema where you can watch cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies, on multiple (mobile) devices at home and on the go. The curators of MUBI introduce you to a great movie every single day and you have a whole month to watch it, which means that you’ll have 365 movies a year to enjoy.


How can I watch movies on MUBI?

First of all, you’ll have to choose one of two MUBI subscriptions, which are offered in monthly and yearly plans. And then, go to “Now Showing” where you can choose your movie of about 30 movies – depending on which month it is, to enjoy on your smartphone, tablet/iPad, PC/Mac, Samsung and Sony Bravia TVs, Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in select territories.

Please note that a yearly plan is a lot cheaper in the long run than monthly plan – unless you are sure to watch movies for a few months only.


In how many countries is MUBI available?

Movies on MUBI are available in over 200 countries around the world. Every country has its own unique collection depending on different distributors and territories. Due to this unique collection, MUBI allows you to watch country’s collections wherever you are in the world using the same MUBI subscription.


MUBI: For those who are looking for more than Netflix, Hulu and Prime


I don’t know whether you and I have to be grand and/or indeed sophisticated enough to watch – and enjoy each and every movies on MUBI but I do know for sure that if you are looking for more than Netflix, Hulu and Prime, then MUBI is the right online cinema for you as well.

But again, why would you just take my word for it if you simply could start your 30-day FREE trial of great cinema on MUBI and find out for yourself using this link?

Enjoy and have great, wonderful movie afternoons (or nights)!

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