Pasir Putih Pangandaran: The beach where the sand looks almost as white as the clouds

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Pasir Putih Beach Pangandaran

The summer is, thank’s heaven, very fast approaching. And I am just feeling like reminiscing my last year’s summer vacation in Java, IndonesiaLonely Planet Indonesia (Travel Guide). I remember walking through the Pangandaran National Park, West Java with Asri where we encountered a huge family of macaque. One of them showed its sharp teeth directly at us, which I was pretty sure that it was not at all its friendly welcoming smile.


Although my heart suddenly stopped beating, at least I felt like it did, I told Asri that we should act very cool and should calmly walk away. “Do not make a sudden movement and let’s walk away very slowly.” I added. I felt it in my bones that the macaque’s family was staring at our backs as we’re walking away from their domain. And we made it with all the parts still attached to our bodies!


Pasir Putih Beach Pangandaran

Yes, we made it and got to Pasir Putih (White Beach) in the end of that wonderful morning. The sun was at its brightest. The sky and the sea were at their bluest, which made the sand look almost as white as the clouds. The trees and flowers surrounding the beach were green and yellow. And then, I become speechless for there was no single word left to describe how wonderful the beach was.


Pasir Putih Beach Pangandaran

Pasir Putih Beach Pangandaran

Pasir Putih Beach Pangandaran

Pasir Putih Beach Pangandaran

In case you’re wondering why I did’t not take a single photo of the macaque’s family and/or it’s domain. Well, I was too scared that I completely forgot to take one. Both Asri and I were just too happy that we didn’t pee ourselves at that point.


Pasir Putih Beach Pangandaran

We also decided to take a (wooden) boat back to the other side of the Pasir Putih, went back to our Hotel Nyiur Indah Beach and enjoy our most deserved lunch.

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