Soldier of Love by Sade: Sultry, smooth and soothing tune to relax with

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Soldier of Love

Coming back to work after a vacation can actually be difficult. I really need to get back to work a.s.a.p and to catch up on my daily routine. Yet, my brain is still in full interrailing-vacation mode. A voice in the back of my head keeps saying that I have to pack and unpack my backpack and get ready to catch the next train.

Not cool. So, what to do?

First of all, I try not to listen to that creepy misleading voice, listen to my body and of course, listen to the queen of sultry music instead. Soldier of Love by Sade is not a new tune but it is a sultry, smooth and soothing tune to relax with.

Listen, feel the beat of Soldier of Love by Sade and relax. I am getting (almost) as productive as usual and now catching up on my correspondence. Things are getting back to reality. Yay!

I’ve lost the use of my heart
But I’m still alive
Still looking for the life
The endless pool on the other side
It’s a wild wild west
I’m doing my best

I’m at the borderline of my faith,
I’m at the hinterland of my devotion
In the frontline of this battle of mine
But I’m still alive

I’m a soldier of love.
Every day and night
I’m soldier of love
All the days of my life

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