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Let me quote one of my 5 Major New Year’s Resolutions:

3. Volunteering at local animal shelters: I love animals. Any kind of animals, especially cats. There are so many animal shelters that need help and support, and I am very sure that my contribution will be appriciated.

Due to my busy life and other activities, I haven’t been managed to sign up for volunteering at local animal shelters but let me introduce you to Fiffi and Donkey.

The chimpanzee Fiffi was locked up for almost thirty years in solitary confinement in the attic near Paris. Fiffi was found underfeed and lonely in that dark attic. She was freed by Stichting Aap (= Monkey Foundation) and has been sheltered in Chimpanzee Complex in Almere, the Netherlands, where she gets a lot of loving care she deserves.

The chimpanzee Donkey was chained for years to a car in Portugal. He was anxious and severely malnourished when Stichting Aap found him. After endless negotiations with the owner and the local authorities Donkey was finally able to be freed. Now he enjoys his stay and his freedom at Stichting Aap with other 11 chimpanzees.

Unfortunately, these kinds of rescue actions cost a lot of money. You and I can help and support Stichting Aap in so many ways including donating some money, adopting one or some of the animals, becoming their sponsor or doing what I do: placing their banners on my sites and blogs. There are 3 banners you can place on your sites/blogs:

Please save Air Miles for Stichting Aap. Saving does not cost you anything, but it means the difference between life and death for these animals.

Did you know that your empty cartridges and old cell phone has value to the Stichting Aap?

Empty cartridges are worth money. You can support Stichting Aap with empty toner cartridges from your printer, copier or fax.

Stichting Aap also collects old mobile phones. Handing your old mobile contributes to the care of the animals.

Whether supporting animals is one of your new year’s resolutions or not, please consider placing one of the banners on your sites/blogs, expecially Dutch sites/blogs. Of course, your other contributions are also most welcome and appreciated. Please note that your donations and contributions must directly be addressed to the Stichting Aap.

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  1. Daisy
    | Reply

    I don’t own a site or blog but I think it’s very good of you to promote the Monkey Foundation. I see that you are also very active with supporting other charities.

    • Lia Belle
      | Reply

      Spreading the words would also do:-) Thank you.

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