The Shocking Miss Emerald: Great new tunes to dance to

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The Shocking Miss Emerald

I have always been a modest fan of Caro Emerald. Love her music. Love her performance. Love the way she presents herself as a very sassy and classy young lady. And I have been listening to her second studio album, The Shocking Miss Emerald for the last 2 days.

It is a feel-good jazz album that also includes the single “Tangled Up”. I am not sure if I like this new single more than her previous’s famous single A Night Like This. But I know for sure that the both singles are great tunes to dance to.

Read the first part of “Tangled Up” lyric, The Shocking Miss Emerald:

I took the perfect avenue, down the road to both of you
Did I go Dutch?
This is too much!
With all the money in the world
You could never buy this girl
Quite enough, it will be tough
If romancing me with neons is something you should do
May the letters write in luminous, in-lou

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