They Killed My Mother

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A friend of mine always says, “You are too young to listen to opera music” she says that because firstly she doesn’t like opera music herself and secondly, she associates opera music with something old and being old. To me, listening to opera music is one thing and being old is another something. Opera music is simply timeless and I love it for it!

One of my favorites is La Mamma Morta = They Killed My Mother, which is an aria of opera Andrea Chénier (1896) by Umberto Giordano, sung by the role of Maddalena di Coigny (soprano). Let me remind you that it also appears in themovie Philadelphia performed by Maria Callas.

I love this part very much, so please close your eyes and just listen:

Porto sventura a chi bene mi vuole!
Fu in quel dolore
che a me venne l’amor!
Voce piena d’armonia e dice
Vivi ancora! Io son la vita!
Ne’ miei occhi è il tuo cielo!
Tu non sei sola!
Le lacrime tue io le raccolgo!
Io sto sul tuo cammino e ti sorreggo!
Sorridi e spera! Io son l’amore!
Tutto intorno è sangue e fango?
Io son divino! Io son l’oblio!
Io sono il dio che sovra il mondo
scendo da l’empireo, fa della terra
un ciel! Ah!

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