Video: The kind of fish that’s still very much alive when Darling chews it

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Meet Darling, an over pampered Indonesian male cat that owns two human families. Darling has s busy and demanding daily routines. In the morning he has his breakfast at his first human family and has his morning milk at his second human family. What follows is of course some serious napping time.

At lunchtime he always demands a very very very fresh fish. Let’s say, the kind of fish that’s still very much alive when he chews it. Afterward he reserves his busy time for some cuddling and some more pampering. At night he looks for some cute female cats and, if necessary, he’ll fight with other male cats over female cats.

But, who cares? Because Darling will continuously be pampered by his two human families with some fresh fish. What a life, Darling!

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