How to get the best service from Borderlinx and save some money

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How to get the best service from Borderlinx and save some money while getting it?

First of all, if you haven’t got Borderlinx account yet, read this blog post about How to buy US and UK only product from Amazon using Borderlinx. Let’s use the Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite as our demo item and let’s get started, shall we?

Okay, you’ve just got an email from Borderlinx letting you know that they had received a new delivery to your Borderlinx suite 0736-xxxx. You clicked excitingly on the given link and on “Goods awaiting shipping”. There is indeed your Kindle Paperwhite waiting to be delivered to your personal address. This is what to do before you click the confirmation button:


1. Learn and understand all you need to know about Borderlinx, its services and of course what it costs. Ask yourself the following questions as well:

  • Have you filled our your suite addresses on Amazon and other merchants correctly?
  • Have you filled out your personal address correctly?
  • What does volumetric weight mean?
  • Do you and why do you have to pay tax and duty?
  • What are and how much do shipping charges, fuel surcharge and total charges cost? and so on.



2. Have you got some unanswered questions? Chat with Borderlinx in stead of sending an email, requesting their call back services or contacting them on twitter or facebook fan page. By chatting with them you’ll get direct and clear answers to your questions from them. Make sure that you request a chat session on Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 17.00 o’clock UK time (see image above) and send transcript of your chat to your own email address.


3. Have you got answers of all your questions? It is now the time to look for some promo code or other coupons online.  After all, why should you pay a full price if you can pay it a lot less, right? I found this Borderlinx promo code two days ago on RetailMeNot’s website. It got me $10.00 reduction on shipping costs. Hurry up, it is valid until november 10th (see image below):



4. Too late for this promo code? Then drop a tweet using two magical hashtags: #promocode #coupons and before you know, there are other websites that follow you and offer you some promo codes and coupons:


5. Have you found  your promo code and do you have some time to spare before clicking the paying button? Check a currency and foreign exchange website like XE. Is your current exchange rate absolutely in your favour? Click the paying button immidiately but if it isn’t, then perhaps you want to wait a little bit longer.


6. Now you are absolutely happy with your promo code, your current exchange rate and you have just clicked the confirmation button, what’s next? Use DHL Express website in stead of the Borderlinx’s shipment history page to track the delivery of your Kindle Paperwhite. My track experiences prove that DHL Express updates their track of delivery page more often and faster then Borderlinx.


7. Now what? Wait patiently until a DHL Express guy knocking on your door with your Kindle Paperwhite, unbox it and enjoy.


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