Video: Constructive changes for the animal must be done and fast: no need to argue about it!

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It was absolutely heartbreaking to see these sweet orangutans being caged in very small cramped cages at Bonbin Surabaya Zoo also known as Kebun Binatang Surabaya (KBS), during my summer vacation in Indonesia.

The Surabaya Zoo has received lots of complaints about several animal deaths and its treatment of animals from both national and international activist groups. According to East Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency’s investigation, the negligent keepers were to blame for most of the animal deaths.

Due to my personal concerns about the animal, I spoke with one of the caretakers and he said that the main cause of the their negligence was in fact that they’re short of funding as they have always been.

I truly believe that the short of funding has contributed to their negligence that has led to insufficient treatments and the animal’s deaths. However, I am also a firm believer that one must not have animal if one cannot take care of the animal properly and sufficiently.

One thing for sure that this is not a blame game, it is about an animal welfare and some constructive changes for the animal must be done and fast: no need to argue about it!

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