How to personalize Kindle covers and skins using Create Your Own Kindle Accessories

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Create your own Kindle accessories

Thursday, November 14th 2013 announced an all-new service that allows you as customer to personalize Kindle covers and skins for the same price as a standard cover. It means that you can now design your own Amazon Origami covers and a variety of other covers and skins for your very own Kindle.

Personalizing your Kindle by uploading images from your own library, choosing from a variety of Amazon designs made exclusively for Amazon Origami covers, or choosing from a library of hundreds of images, logos, designs and patterns, including popular comic, movie and television show graphics from Peanuts, National Geographic, Breaking Bad, Star Trek, and more is very easy and so much fun.

Let’s go ahead and get started with the tutorial, How to personalize Kindle covers and skins using “Create Your own Kindle Accessories”:

1. Click on the following link Create Your Own Kindle Accessories.

2. Choose your Kindle’s case that you would like to personalized:

3. For this tutorial, I’ll be personalizing my Kindle Paperwhite.  Next up, click on the following link Kindle Paperwhite Black Leather Cover -‘Create Your Own’.


How to personalize Kindle covers and skins using

4. On the detail page, click on the Customize Now button to open the customization window (see image above).


How to personalize Kindle covers and skins using

5. Choose the layout for your custom accessory: Print on the front, on the back, or on the front and the back (see image above).


How to personalize Kindle covers and skins using

6. Click on the Use Gallery Image menu to select an image from the image library: Kids, Patterns, Nature, Pets or Pop Culture (see image above). Or …


How to personalize Kindle covers and skins using

7. Click on the Use Your Own Image menu to upload your own image. Click on the Browse button to find a favorite photo or image on your computer (see image above, arrow 1.).


  • Your image must be greater than 1 MB, and for best results a 2500 X 3500px or higher resolution photo shot in portrait mode
  • Supported maximum file size is 7 MB in .jpeg or .png format
  • If the uploaded image appears small within the preview window, upload a larger sized image for better results

8. Optionally, you can move, zoom and rotate your own image as you like (see image above, arrow 2.).

9. Click on the Use this Design button to save your customizations and return to the detail page (see image above, arrow 3.).


How to personalize Kindle covers and skins using

10. Optionally, click on the Edit customization button to edit your customization (see image above, arrow 4.). Please note that you will not be able to edit after adding to your cart. Clicking ‘Back’ or ‘Refresh’ in your browser will result in loss of customization information.

11. Click on the Add to Cart button to continue with your shopping as you usually do (see image above, arrow 5.).


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