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Knit boots (Amazon US)

– Have you caught a cold? Stay warm and cozy: Don’t forget to wrap your feet with Knit Boots

– There is also something to read on the WWF: Remarkable Species Discovered in Southeast Asia

– Whatever you do: Do not ignore this Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend Sale on CafePress.

– My today’s quote by Jeff Mac, Manslations:

Here’s the Manslator’s Golden Rule, which will solve all of these “puzzles”.

Whenever there is any conflict between what a man says and what he does, always, always ignore what he says.

Okay, now read it again. Yes, I do mean “always”. If you can really understand this much about your man, you’ll probably know even more about him than he does.

– Don’t you know that jewelry is still and will always be women’s best friend? The key is simply knowing when Jewerly Sales and Deals is 🙂

– And remember, never say never to Up to 60% off clothing on Amazon UK.

– Villagers must learn to coexist with wildlife:

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– Do you care about your online privacy at all? Then, do something or at least get behind the Hotspot Shield

– Local news: KNMI waarschuwt voor ‘extreem weer’ Limburg (translation → KNMI warns of ‘extreme weather’ Limburg).

– Getting tired of the snow? Watch Snow and Maru by Mugumogu:

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