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Scented Candles at

– But some Scented Candles to lighten and warm your home up

– Saturday Morning Music: Dave Brubeck – Jazz

– Donate and help protect a dog in need

– Last seen swimming near the coast of Taiji Japan:

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– Be secure and anonymous behind the Hotspot Shield Elite

– Don’t miss top holiday deals in watches

– My today’s quote by Cassirer:

Reason is a very inadequate term with which to comprehend the forms of man’s cultural life in all their richness and variety. But all these forms are symbolic forms. Hence, instead of defining man as an animal rationale, we should define him as an animal symbolicum. By so doing we can designate his specific difference and we can understand the new way open to man-the way to civilization.

– Meadham Kirchhoff for Amazon UK: Meadham Kirchhoff sweaters

– Local news: Nederlands cruiseschip in quarantaine op Rijn (translation → Dutch cruise ship in quarantine at Rhine)

– This kitten shows you how to walk your human by ShortyTheCat2010:

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