Monday Cuties: Tristan and Francis shows me how to chill on monday’s morning

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I don’t like mondays. I don’t like this monday particularly. In fact, I hated this monday’s morning. My first appointment was with my dentist. As you probably know that dentists and mondays don’t do me well, at all.

My pets, Tristan and Francis seem to know what and especially how I have been feeling since this early monday’s morning. They are not swimming around like they usually do. Instead they are chilling down in their own “beds”.

Chilling after my appointment with the dentist is not a bad idea at all. Perhaps, I’ll feel better. Or at least, I’ll be feeling a lot less moody with Tristan and Francis that are showing me how to chill on monday’s morning.

Let’s chill and try to have a wonderful monday!

xoxo, Lia

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